Adventure Building Camp 2016 Day 1

We launched camp with an incredible amount of enthusiasm this morning. When 5pm rolled around, everyone commented on the fact that it felt like we had packed a weeks worth of time into a single day. From the moment we finished putting together the sawhorses to complete our tool training, we realized the myriad of possibilities open to us. What would we make?

The Mission: build a clubhouse that we could take to the sandpit.

We brainstormed and then headed for the junk pile.

After discussing a feverish amount of ideas regarding how we would incorporate our favorite junk into our "clubhouse" design, we went for a ride to the sandpit to inspect our route. We noted a large hill and somewhat tricky barricade we would have to consider. Hmmm............

After lunch and some building, we took a dip in the Dead River to cool off, (swimming pictures tomorrow! ) and then headed back to The Warehouse for more building.

We have a lot to decide tomorrow.

How can we get our clubhouse to move smoothly over the Noqumenon trail to the sandpit?

How will we stay cool without the ability to repair the old air conditioner we found in the scrap metal pile?

Where will we play cards?

Stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who helped plan, clean, rig tool benches, watch children, make sandwiches, drive for hours just to lend a hand, and just believe in us for making it an incredible first day of Adventure Building Camp. We truly appreciate you!


See you tomorrow!