Adventure Building Camp 2016: Day 3

Our final day of building! Tomorrow we head out on our sandpit adventure.

Today we got interviewed by Channel 3 News and the Mining Journal; we're almost famous!

Today's themes were "Mix it up!" and "Build like crazy." We definitely accomplished both. We challenged everyone to spend time working with a tool that still felt unfamiliar, and also talked about sharing some of the coveted tools (like the small, powerful impact driver we only have one of in the shop.)

Now on day 3 confidence level is high. There is a buzz in the workshop, like we are social insects, intuitive to our tasks.

We tinkered with the wheel and axle using some special tools like circle bits and super long screws. Once everything was assembled, it was time to attach it to the underbelly of the clubhouse. We all lent a hand to flip it over....

Moment of triumph and uber-confidence before testing....


Here we are feeling pretty good...It works!  "Maybe we just need someone to run along the side and keep the wheel straight..."

Excited for tomorrow and our journey to the sandpit.

Wish us luck!