Adventure Building Camp, Week 3, Day 3, 2018

It was our last day to build in the workshop, and there was lots to get done.

Feeling pretty proud of a perfectly mounted handlebar.

Math happens!

..adding supports.

and decorations....



A new addition to the workshop!

Finally time to gather around the snack table!

...then back to work!

More tinkering with wheels.....

We rode our bikes on the loop we would be using for the challenge the next day.

Then lunch and a swim break!

Finishing touches...

A successful test drive!

...working on a small skateboard project.

and a few last pieces from the take apart table!

...a few parts being reused from a cart from the previous week.

adding a handlebar.

...perfecting the seat position.

...adding a mechanism to aid in turning the vehicle.

Time for a walk to the blue berry patch.

...raspberries too!

Tomorrow we ride!