Adventure BuildingCamp, Week 3, Day 4, 2018

We started the morning by loading up the vehicles on the truck.


Ready for adventure!!!!

We walked to tourist park to meet the truck and vehicles.

Ready to start the loop on the bike path.

Coasting down the hill....

Then time to go up!!!

Catching critters along the way.

Taking a break in the shade.

The last road crossing.

In the home stretch!


Time to load up and jump in the river to cool off.

More berry picking on the return.

After lunch we went to the rope swing for our final jumps and paddles on the kayaks.

And one last trip to the blueberry patch.

We saw an incurable amount of monarch butterfly caterpillars and even found many chrysalis under the tracks!

...a blueberry bounty.

Time to clean up for the ice cream party.

giving lots of cart rides to friends and family.

..and that was the end of an amazing week. Builders, I am so proud of your perseverance working with wheels this year! Axles, caster wheels, wheels from walkers,  roller blades, wheel chairs and bikes... we tried them all! Have a great rest of the summer and keep building!